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Arksong Characters

Lycanide crew


Lirika Overlore

Other names: Scourge of the Skies

Age: 22

Birthplace: Phonicia

Current residence: The Lycanide (skyship)

Occupation: Pirate Captain 

Weapon: Quavers (Twin blades)

Arknight ability: Conductor


Description: A notorious sky pirate who won't take no for an answer. Unpredictable, intelligent and extremely skilled with a blade, Lirika is a danger to anyone who isn't on her side.

Fenghuang 4.jpg


Age: 21

Birthplace: Unknown

Current residence: The Lycanide (Skyship) 

Occupation: Pirate first mate

Weapon: The Mark (Oversized blade)

Arknight ability: Flame generation and control


Description: A warrior of incredible strength and skill. He holds an unshakeable loyalty to Lirika and, as her second in command, leads the charge in most battles.

kelpie v2.jpg

Kelpina Triton

Other names: Kelpie

Age: 18

Birthplace: Unknown

Current residence: The Skywater isles

Occupation: Warrior Monk

Weapon: None

Arknight ability: Water generation and control.


Description: A warrior monk from the famous Skywater Temple. 

The Empire

Rhime Portrait.jpg

Rhime Krakenskold

Other names: Queen of the Skies

Age: 25

Birthplace: Phonicia

Current residence: Grand Aerisia

Occupation: Admiral of the Aerisian Sky Navy

Weapon: None

Arknight ability: Conductor


Description: The second most powerful person in the Empire, Admiral Rhime rose to power in the years following the last world war. Now she hunts arknights to add to her ranks.

commander black v4.jpg

Cuwake Black (Codename)

Other names: Commander Black

Age: 28

Birthplace: Unknown

Current residence: Grand Aerisia/The Black Shroud (Skyship)

Occupation: Commander of the Black Division 

Weapon: Ghomyniad

Arknight ability: Earth and soil manipulation


Description: Like Feng, Cuwake holds within him incredible strength and skill. He controls the most secretive division of the Aerisian Skyfleet and answers to none but the Admiral.

Cuwake Black is a codename given to him. His true name is unknown. 

Rukhi face v2.jpg

Rukhi Garuda

Age: 18

Birthplace: Pojema

Current residence: Grand Aerisia

Occupation: Admiral of the Aerisian Sky Navy

Weapon: Nandaka (Sword) and Chakra (Shield)

Arknight ability: Wind control


Description: A hunter from the Northern nation of Pojema. She is incredibly skilled with the sword and shield as well as in hand to hand combat but is well known for her arrogance. She idolises Admiral Rhime and is in constant rivalry with Cuwake for her approval.

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