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Arksong official Logo, by Nathan Hawthorne

A long time ago, thousands of Arknights walked the lands of Gaia. Imbued with inhuman power, they worked miracles, leading the people into a golden age. But that time has long gone. Arknights have not been seen for centuries, and the worlds major powers war amongst themselves in an era of perpetual unrest.

Follow the adventures of the sky pirate Captain Lirika Overlore and her crew as they battle against the Aerisian Empire and discover the secrets of the Arksong and Arknights past and present.


Red Rukhi, a character from Arksong. Artwork by Nathan Hawthorne


The Central Warehouse docks art from Arksong Chapter 2. Artwork by Nathan Hawthorne


A page from Arksong chapter 4. Artwork by Nathan Hawthorne

"Arksong is a pretty cool comic with some vibrant characters."

-Briony Rose Smith

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