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COTNA Characters

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Greyson Silva


Age: 21

Birthplace: The Spire

Race: Novus Aevum

Current residence: Presidential Residence

Occupation: Scout

Weapon: Retractable Spear, small bombs and explosives


Description: A carefree scout with great potential. This young Novus Aevum is gifted with abilities other Novus do not possess, ones that could be of great service to his people, but he squanders his time and energies on the temporary pleasures of youth.

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Age: 25

Birthplace: New Haven

Race: Havenite (Normal human)

Current residence: Unknown

Occupation: Engineer

Weapon: None


Description: A skilled young engineer from the higher echelons of Havenite society. Fearless, curious, and suspiciously sharp-sighted, she seeks to understand the secrets of this world. 

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