Arksong Locations

North-East Military Warehouse


Description: A small island warehouse on the edge of Aerisian territory. Cargo destined for the Citadel in Grand Aerisia often stops here before passing on to the capital.



Description: The fastest skyship in the world and the only ship that flies without a skystone. The Lycanide is also home to Lirika and her crew and has been for a number of years.

The Central Warehouse


Description: The Central Warehouse is a vast, island-spanning warehouse holding many of the Empire's greatest weapons and historical artefacts. The further into the island you delve, the more precious and/or dangerous the contents are. The less heavily defended warehouse docks on the edge of the island has a temporary storage facility for packages in transit - this is what Lirika is aiming for.  

The Hidden Lab


Description: Home to Professor Harrod Festus, this lab crashed on this small island after being stolen by Lirika and Fenghuang. The lab is located in the Outer Ri, near the south of Aerisia, an area which the Empire doesn't have much control over. Lirika often returns here for repairs or to run errands for the Professor.



Description: A pirate haven embedded into the side of a large island. Ths underground city is only able to function the way it is due to the very influential noble family that controls the island. The family do not like the empire, but the empire need the island's crops to feed its soldiers, so it allows them to shelter pirates - for now.

The Imperial Workshop


Description: One of the imperial workshops outside of the capital. Filled with some of the best engineers in the continent, this is one of the places Commander Black heads to if The Black Shroud is damaged.

Vulcaneff University 


Description: One of the most respected Universities on the Continent. Vulcaneff is famous for producing high-level scientists and engineers, especially those specialising in the study of nethergy and aeronautics.



Unit 16701

PO Box 6945
W1A 6US 





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