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Urisha Lore

The history of the Urisha is filled with amazing feats, tragic losses, and surprising interactions with humans and gods. Take a look through Arunmila's records and learn more about the custodians of the Earth.

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Urisha Society

This section is all about general Urisha society, it will be updated regularly with new information such as how long Urisha live, how their Onus works, and how much interaction they have with the New Gods.

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Chapter 3/The Alympian Investigation

The third chapter of Urisha Lore, including the Alympian Investigation, Unsin's Diary, and Turning Point 3.

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Chapter 6/The Urisha Civil War

The War is here.

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Chapter 1

The first chapter of Urisha lore, culminating in the first Turning Point Event: Unsin and Etin.

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Chapter 4

The fourth chapter of Urisha Lore, including Egengen's history.

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Chapter 7/The New Gods at Play

The War rages on

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Chapter 2

The second chapter of Urisha Lore, culminating in Turning Point 2: The Strangers

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Chapter 5/The Dividing

The fifth chapter of Urisha War. The road to all out war begins here.


Chapter 8/The Later Days

The War approaches its climax

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