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You're going to SMASH your goals this year - This is how

Like many people, you may be making resolutions, and setting targets and goals. But what can help you achieve them?:

Making sure those targets/goals are SMART!

Confused? Well let me break it down for you:

1. The S stands for SPECIFIC. Know exactly what your want to achieve. Don’t say “I want to be better at drawing”. Say “I’m going to improve the realism of my anatomy drawing.”

2. M stands for MEASURABLE For subjects like Maths, you may say, “I want to be able to score 90% on the first 3 units.” But for Art and other creative subjects, I find, “I’m going to do 5 anatomical studies a week” much more appropriate and measurable. Then you compare your work before and after to check progress.

3. A is ACHIEVABLE and R is REALISTIC. Failing to reach your goals can be crushing, so make sure the goal is achievable but not too easy. So rather than trying to write an entire four-book series in a year. Just try to write 1000 words a week or something like that. If the book gets finished, then brilliant. If it doesn’t, you reached your goal and have a solid 52000-word foundation to build on for next year.

4. T is TIMELY/TIME-BASED. You have to give yourself time periods to complete things within. Whether it be doing something on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or whether you want something completed by June, you must must must factor in time. This will help you get things done.

I actually made a video about this topic (directed foremostly at students but useful for everyone) not too long ago, be sure to check it out when you have a chance:

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