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6 Ways to Style Yourself This Spring

Spring can be a difficult season to dress for, so we thought we would give you some tips to help you dress your best during these temperamental months.

1. Wear brighter colours

Lighter and brighter days make for lighter and brighter clothes. If you normally play it safe and stick to dark black, blues and greys, why not mix it up with a splash of colour this Spring? Whether it be just a graphic T-shirt or a few coloured items of clothing, try to mix up your look and not fade into the background. At the same time, be sure to balance the colours well, and don’t over-do it.

2. Don’t abandon your winter outerwear

Hats, scarves, gilets and long coats still have a place in the spring because of the weather’s unpredictability. When it comes to hats and scarves, they can always be worn in ways that reduce the insulation (e.g. unfolded scarves, or hats worn higher up on the head). For coats and gilets, pick the thickness and length based on the temperature, pick the material based on the probability of rain.

3. Switch bags

As the weather begins to get warmer, if you’re used to wearing a backpack, you may want to consider switching to a messenger tote bag to avoid wet sweat patches on your back. Side bags also make it easy to access your sketchbooks, comics and handheld games console while you’re on they go. Messenger bags are a personal favourite simply because they are more likely to be made from waterproof materials and have cover flaps which act as a good anti-theft and anti-rain measure.

4. Let your socks do the talking

We’ve spoken about wearing brighter t-shirts, coats and shoes, but how about our socks. Normally relegated to underwear that remains unnoticed, socks are now another avenue to make visual statements. Your socks don’t need to be drastically loud but getting some stylish non-monochrome patterns in will give your outfit that touch of Spring last season was so lacking.

5. Knitted clothes still have their place

A knitted jumper still has its place in your wardrobe during this transitional season. You may want to place your thick turtlenecks into storage now that winter is on the way out, but thinner knitwear will still do a good job of keeping you looking stylish and warm on the chillier spring days.

6. Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have been increasing in popularity for some time now, and their styles, weight, and material can vary vastly. Get a few different types that you can interchange to make your outfits look distinct from each other with just the change of a jacket. Make sure that among your collection of bomber jackets is a thin cotton one that can be folded and held/placed in a bag if the day’s weather warms up unexpectedly.

Now you should be all set for Spring and ready to take on the world. Let us know which of these you're thinking of trying out and if you've got any brands or stores you prefer in the comments below.

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